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Workplace Fundamentals

This adaptive test measures the candidate's knowledge of workplace basics. It covers the knowledge and skills needed to function in any type of workplace and is designed for anyone in the modern U.S. workforce. It includes the following topics: Business Communication, Diversity, Employer Expectations, Human Resources, Legal Issues for Employees, Personal Development, Planning and Scheduling, and Security.

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Workplace Safety Solution

The Workplace Safety Solution is designed for entry-level positions to measure the behaviours and experiences that underlie successful and safe performance in the workplace. This solution measures one’s general tendency to behave safely in the workplace using a variety of assessment types including personality traits, safety-related situational judgment, and biodata.

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Written Language

The Written English test measures knowledge of US English grammar and English reading comprehension. It is designed for those with English as a second language and covers the following topics: Articles, Comparisons, Conjunctions, General Questions, Misused Words, Nouns, Parallel Structure, Prepositions, Pronouns, Specific Questions, and Verbs.

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