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Customer Contact Style Questionnaire

This questionnaire provides information on those aspects of personality, which are important for sales and customer service. It can be used for selection, training, development and placement decisions. It is ipsative and cannot be hand scored. It requires that the respondent chooses between options and therefore is particularly recommended for selection and placement of staff.

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Dependability and Safety Instrument

The DSI is a short pre-screening tool for many key entry-level roles. It is designed to identify potential employees who will have good dependability and reliability, and who are less likely to engage in counter-productive work behaviours. It is a complementary tool to other assessments, such as ability tests and structured interviews.

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Occupational Personality Questionnaire

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) gives organisations an understanding of how aspects of an individual’s behavioural style will affect his or her performance at work. The depth of insight and range of business-relevant reports means it is a popular choice in many settings including, selection for graduate, professional and management positions, onboarding of new employees, leadership development and team building. The OPQ32r is the latest and most comprehensive version of the OPQ.

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