Assessment and Development Centre

HR Professionals who have had some previous exposure to assessment centres who wish to design or organise assessment/development centres. This course is suitable for individuals with a range of experience.

Competency Based Interviewing

This course is ideal for HR specialists and experienced line managers who need to gain practical experience of how to apply Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) effectively in their organisations, or senior executives involved in the final stages of the se

Personality & Ability Assessment Certification

Gain eligibility for British Psychological Society & European Federation of Psychologists' Associations registration with this mix of e-learning and face-to-face training.

Cum Laude Graduate Programs

A two-day training for HR

High Impact HIPO Programs

A two-day training for HR

Success in Succession Management

A two-day training for HR

Future-proof your succession strategy

Succession pipelines are broken. To create a leadership bench that is really ready for the future, organizations need to manage leadership talent more like they manage financial investments.

Reinventing Talent Assessment

The transformation from process owner to talent advisor requires the recruiter to become familiar with the levers that increase the strategic nature of talent assessment programs. This paper introduces 10 best practices that underpin strategic talent asse

Enterprise Leadership

You have probably seen around you both transactional and transformational leaders. The research we conducted together with Gartner has brought to light a new, more encompassing leadership model called Enterprise Leadership.

Talent Audit

Does your company have the talent profile needed to drive business results?

SHL 2019 Training Brochure

Plan ahead you training agenda!

Get a look at our 2019 training brochure and let us know if we can help you transcend your training needs into business results!

Dive Deeper: Beyond the Surface of Graduate Recruiting

There’s an apparent talent shortage – it’s time to rethink the most fundamental premises of recruiting for graduates. Are you focusing on what actually matters? Are you able to select the right graduates, for you?

FIVE Top Tips for Graduate Development

Here are five top tips to achieve better outcomes from your graduate programmes through development.

Management Scenarios

Increasingly managerial judgement is seen as an important skill for individuals in organisations, regardless of whether they have the formal job title of ‘manager’.

Virtual Interview

Unlock and maximize the potential of your people with our innovative Virtual Solutions suite, optimized for a new world where face-to-face is no longer an option.