Multisource Feedback

Why is 360° feedback important?

 When building the talent strategy, organizations need to understand where they’re at and where they want to go. To increase employee performance and fit, one must first know the strengths and weaknesses and then to align the talent to the overall organizational strategy. The 360° feedback and development instrument enables you to prepare the right people for the right roles and uncover your people’s development needs in order to drive business forward.

SHL Solution for Performance:

To answer organizations’ needs for performance management and development, we present our online 360° Multi-Rater Feedback System (MFS).

Having it built around our Universal Competency Framework, MFS offers an easy to use, easy to tailor perspective on employee performance and potential. It integrates performance measures based on ratings offered by colleagues, peers, managers and clients, as well as potential scores, due to its integration with our flagship personality assessment – the OPQ.

Our solution is fully customizable and can be delivered within each organizations’ competency models. In terms of accessibility, MFS is also available as an off-the-shelf product or as a managed service.


Through MFS, organizations can take an in-depth look at their employees’ or their teams’ performance and they can deploy practical development processes exactly where needed for improvement.

360° feedback and development also helps you:

  • Identify those with leadership potential and construct a succession planning strategy.
  • Link individuals’ performance with business objectives, ensuring the right people are in place to implement future plans.
  • Quickly identify and promote high performing employees before they leave the organization.
  • Improve employee motivation by directly engaging staff
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