Business Letter Compose
  • Type of test: Administrative - Clerical
  • Who do you want to test?: Entry-Level, Professional Individual Contributor, Front Line Manager, Mid-Professional
  • Purpose: Skills

This test is designed to measure typing ability, including spacing and formatting. Additionally, this test measures text errors, including spelling mistakes. This is a timed test and it begins when the candidate selects OK on the computer screen. Candidates are provided a printed text original that contains the unformatted text they will need to complete the test: address information, greeting, body text, and closing information. Candidates are asked to type the correctly formatted version of the text into a word processing program. Note that the same text is used in both the Business Letter Compose and Business Letter Edit tests. Therefore, we advise clients not to use both tests in a given test session as experience with one of the tests may influence scores on the other.