One of the most common root causes of underperforming talent is the lack of precision in identifying those capabilities a company needs to perform effectively. Identifying and developing talents consumes substantial time and resources and can have no clear impact on business results if the used methods are ineffective and unreliable.

We have developed our products using the world’s largest database of people intelligence, gathering for more than 30 years the highest quality research and validated assessment data. With at least one SHL assessment being taken every second, of every day worldwide, our database is growing by 30 million assessments every year and it comprises data from 30 countries, 39 industry sectors, 31 business functions and five job levels.

SHL provides data to drive talent decisions that improve business performance, comparing your talent with that of your competitors and the market.

Our approach includes key benchmarks which help you understand the effectiveness of your people strategy and processes and align them more closely to your strategic goals:

Leadership Potential Benchmark – Measured against the key competencies required of effective leaders and managers.

Competency Benchmark – Measured against the critical behaviors proven to drive effective performance, using SHL's Universal Competency Framework (UCF).

Ability Benchmark – Measured against cognitive ability (verbal, numerical and/or inductive reasoning).

Custom Benchmarks - Benchmarking against your own competency model.